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Unlocking Potential: Dreams, Learning, Well-being for Every Child.

Agricultural production

Imagine fields bursting with life, nurtured by communities equipped to grow their own. we empower families with the tools and knowledge to break the cycle of hunger through sustainable agricultural production. With your help, we provide seeds, training, and support, enabling them to increase yields, generate income, and build resilient futures. Join us in cultivating a world where hope blossoms from every fertile seed. Donate today and be a part of the harvest.


Every child deserves a vibrant future unlocked by education. At Sheepcare, we nurture young minds from early childhood through literacy programs, academic support. This empowers them to thrive, breaking poverty's cycle, becoming active citizens, leading healthier lives, and contributing to a brighter world. Join us in opening doors to education: donate, volunteer, spread the word! Let's make a lasting impact together.


Through partnerships and clinics, we paint a healthier future, brushstroke by brushstroke. Donate today and be a thread in the fabric of well-being. Help us stitch a world where every heartbeat echoes with hope and every life has access to the care it deserves. Be the healer, the advocate, the champion.

Pure Water

At Sheepcare, we see clean water as a fundamental human right, yet millions lack access. We combat this crisis by providing communities with sustainable solutions like wells, filters, and education. This transforms lives: healthier families, empowered women, thriving children, and economic growth. Join us – donate, volunteer, spread awareness – and together, let's ensure every drop counts for a healthier, more equitable world

Featured Causes

Sheepcare Community School- Soweto

A primary school section from baby class to standard 8. We are recognized as an Examination centre and have sat for KCPE national examination since 2006. We have exited over 400 KCPE since 2006.

Malisho Secondary School

Started in 2007 in response to help our students who could not join other secondary because of high school fees. We have done national exams since 2010 and have exited 220 KCSE candidates. Majority of these students have become responsible Kenyan citizens with some of them attaining university education and are now giving back to the community

Sheepcare Springs Water Supply

a 600 feet government certified borehole providing pure water for drinking to the community and its environs since there is no piped water within Soweto estate. This was done successfully in 2005 as the water shortage was acute within the slums and water was being sold by vendors at 20/= per 20 litres. Sheepcare is only charging 2/= per 20litres container for maintenance. Every child is entitled to taking home 20 litres of water free every day. How you’re

How you’re changing children’s lives

Clean Water

In Kayole, where thirst can steal childhoods, your donations quench dreams and empower lives. You’re not just providing clean water; you’re building wells of hope, weaving health into families, and liberating women from endless water-fetching. See Sarah flourish, her school attendance soar, her family thrive. Clean water, thanks to you, is transforming Kayole, drop by precious drop. Join us, quench thirst, and donate today


In Kayole, your donations open doors to education, not just funding scholarships but enriching classrooms with materials, activities, and hope. Witness the ripple effect: children like John thrive, families rise, and Kayole’s future shines brighter, all thanks to you. Join us, ignite potential, and donate today.


Making a Difference: See How Your Support Counts

At Malisho Secondary, the daily meals from Sheepcare mean students like me, who often come to school hungry, can focus on learning instead of empty stomachs. No wonder our school thrives academically and enjoys delicious, healthy food – the best compared to any other! My deepest thanks to Sheepcare for making such a difference.
This God-given blessing fuels our concentration in class, keeps us healthy and strong, and even provides breakfast and lunch for those who might otherwise go hungry. Unlike other schools, Sheepcare nourishes not just our bodies, but also our ability to learn and grow. We are incredibly grateful for your support, which allows us to thrive both in and out of the classroom.
The scholarship and feeding program mean everything since losing my mom. They let me learn, grow, and connect at school, something unimaginable without you. Your support ensures I have breakfast and lunch, easing a heavy weight. Thank you for your constant kindness. May God bless you richly. Deepest gratitude and blessings to you.
Roselyne Akinyi