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Operational Projects in Nairobi

We are operational in two counties namely Nairobi and Kisumu. Our vision is that our presence will be felt in all the 47 counties where there is need in the near future. In NAIROBI the following are the projects operational;

A primary school section from baby class to standard 8. We are recognized as an Examination centre and have sat for KCPE national examination since 2006.
Started in 2007 in response to help our students who could not join other secondary because of high school fees. We have done national exams since 2010.
A 600 feet government certified borehole providing pure water for drinking to the community and its environs since there is no piped water within Soweto estate. This was done successfully in 2005 as the water shortage was acute within the slums and water was being sold by vendors at 20/= per 20 litres. Sheepcare is only charging 2/= per 20litres container. And every child entitled to taking home 20 litres of water free every day.
Started in 2007 to train in trade those who cannot make it to secondary school or have never had any course training.
Started in 2005 to bring modern technology in the slums. It is one of the computer training school and cyber centre in Soweto-Kayole estates. Our primary and secondary pupils are enjoying the benefits.
Feeding a population of about 750 pupils and 46 staff members in our institution.
Started in 2014 to enable those who have finished Form Four and have done well but due to the High cost of Private or Public University in the country cannot join these colleges to have a chance of acquiring their dreams. Trinity is working with Hope University and work in collaboration with Trinity Global to ensure the success of this college.
Started in 2013 and 2014 respectively to promote healthy living and generate income for sustaining the Sheepcare activities.
A joint venture between Sheepcare Community Centre and Water Forever Company (Netherlands) started to purify the already Sheepcare Springs water in order to bring purified water to the community, something that the people living in the community cannot afford via supermarkets.
Started in 2018 to create a conducive place to rest within the slums of Soweto as you enjoy your meals done by qualified Chef. All these in line with our vision of community transformation and generating income for sustainability.