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About Us

Sheepcare Community Centre whose main objective is to show love by alleviating poverty and raising the standard of living in the community was started at the end of the year 2002 when Rev. Luke and other community leaders were touched by the needs of many children who are mainly HIV/AIDS orphans and others who were of the school going age but were roaming about in the streets scavenging for food.

The hopelessness in the faces of the mothers trying to eke a living by selling sukuma wiki and other small business was a sight to behold! We found out that we could not pretend to be blind to such glaring needs of this society. In order to help take care of these children, we gathered few young men who were "doing nothing for nothing", seven days a week. We shared with them the alternative that rather than stay idle for the whole week, doing nothing it was better to do "something for nothing".

Initially 2 young men and 1 girl saw the sense of this statement and agreed with Rev. Luke to help take care of the small babies in order to enable their mothers have more time to look for the family food. It was from this humble beginning that Sheepcare community was started to serve the Soweto slums, 15km from the city centre of Nairobi to serve the community irrespective of the race, sex or religion.

Sheepcare Community Centre is a registered Community Based organization affiliated to Outreach Community Church only in terms of the spiritual needs of its members who belong to the church but operate independently as a socio-development wing in the community.